Caipirinha: the signature cocktail of Cachaça

Caipirinha (pronounced as 'kai-purr-reen-yah') is a popular tropical cocktail product of Cachaça (pronounced as 'Ka-shasa'). Cachaça is an alcoholic drink prepared by the distillation of fruits juice so it is known as distilled spirit. Cachaça is the fermented product of the sugarcane juice and Brazil is the great source of sugarcane so there are several alcoholic beverages are produced from the sugarcane along with  Cachaça such as Pinga, Marvada etc.. 

I went to a  cuban club called Ray Castro, in Vila Olímpia, São Paulo, Brazil and there I had the drink Caipirinha and Bossa Manhattan. I liked Caipirinha than the other drink.

As we know for every distilled spirit there are some signature cocktail, like margarita from Tequila, mojito from Rum and martini using Gin and many more like that Cachaça has the Caipirinha. If you are in Brazil and do not have any cocktail of Cachaça and haven't seen any live football match in Brazil's stadium that's mean you missed the charm of Brazil. 

Let me inform you the brief history of Cachaça. In 16th century by the Portuguese the production of sugar was shifted from Portugal to Brazil  thus the distillation of the sugarcane juice liquor also shifted to Brazil. That is the origin of Cachaça and the cocktail came after that. 

Caipirinha is also the national drink of Brazil. Hardly 3-4 minutes are required to make this cocktail. Two varieties of Cachaça are found, white and silver and the cocktail Caipirinha is produced from the white one. 

Recipe: It's for a single person.


  1. Half of a lemon (try to take yellow one)
  2. 2 tablespoons of Cachaça
  3. 1/2 to 2 teaspoons superfine sugar (depends on your taste)


  1. Cut the lemons into small pieces.
  2. Put the lemon pieces and sugar together in old fashioned glass and muddle finely.
  3. Add some ice cubes.
  4. Now add Cachaça and pour everything into a shaker glass.
  5. Shake and Shake .... a well shake is required. Serve it in the same old fashioned glass.
I already had prepared and had this drink in some bars but the taste is quite different from Barzil's. 😊


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