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Chet Singh Ghat | Chet Singh Fort | Abandoned vibrant red Fort of Varanasi | Varanasi's ghat

  Chet Singh Fort was built by Chet Singh during his reign since 1770 to 1781 AD. He was a ruler of Varanasi when Varanasi was under Oudh Nawab. After Nawab transfer this region to British Chet Singh fought with East India Co. unfortunately he was defeated and was house arrest in this fort cum palace. But some he could able to escape from this palace and left for Gwalior where he took birth. Nowadays this fort is abandoned, due to lack of maintenance pipal tree and some nocturnal animals are staying there, no way go inside. Only from the static the beauty can be seen. The historic octagonal domes of this fort is portrayed on movies, documenter or even photos where Benares is focused. Though this fort is abandoned but it's vibrant red colour is always radiating and during the sunrise the view is awesome from the boat. My accommodation was in HosteLavie just close to this fort.

Mangalore trip | Ullal, Surathkal & Tannirbhavi, Port | Mangalore Buns | Sea food & Ice cream

  Mangalore... the old port city of Karnataka, is a beach city and commercial hub nowadays. Geographically the city is situated between Western Ghat and Arabian Sea. Mangalore was named after the goddess Mangaladevi, the temple is present close to the old port. Places to visit: 1) Sultan Battery 2) Tannirbhavi beach 3) Ullal beach 4)Surathkal beach & lighthouse 5) Mangaladevi Temple 6) Old port Food: definitely from Udupi Cafe, have awesome Ice cream. For convenience auto rickshaw and city bus good and safe. Accommodation - don't stay at Hotel Royal Brigade, try to find out a hostel within the city.

Coorg - the world of coffee and black pepper (part II)

... continue to Part-I, Coorg is one of my favourite place. The source of unlimited coffee, chocolate and home made wine. The jungle, and it's smell, the road, coffee plants, shal, teak and the steam of black pepper spirally wrapped these giant tree throw me in a heaven. You can visit any time Coorg. To get out from rusty-busty life style and feel the tranquil of nature from nature's lap Coorg is there for you. Not far from Bangalore/Mysore/Mangalore. This time I went there from from Kolkata and in 2012 I visited this nature's heaven from Bangalore and from that time fall in love with this place. My recommendation for accommodation in Madhu's homestay & Zostel. Madhu and his parents are humble and wonderful. Homemade food and the forest ready to welcome you. get mixed with the nature, and find the 'real you' in this jungle. Every morning wake up early and say Hello to the forest. Visiting place: Talakaveri Temple  Triveni Sangam is the confluence of thre