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The Switzerland of Mexico: Mazamitla

A tranquil, picturesque city surrounded by pine forest and Chapala lake in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. Mazamitla, is a tiny municipality and situated 124 km off from Guadalajara. When I was in Guadalajara visited that city in a weekend.  A brief history about the city.   The name 'Mazamitla' derives from the Nahualt language. This language is native to Central Mexico  since at least the 7th century CE. The word  Mazamitla is a combination of   "Mazatl" means deer, "Mitl" means arrow and "tlan" means place and name Mazamitla signifies the history of the culture. Some of views are there to interpret the culture such as it is place "Where deer are hunted with arrows" or "Where deer hunting arrows are made". The city is relatively unknown internationally and due to its scenic beauty, natural fabulous view it earned the name Switzerland of Mexico. You can enjoy the whole day in the city by walking, having coffee in the