Velliangiri Mountain: a part of Kailash

The legend of this place is that : Lord Shiva performed his cosmic ecstatic dance on request of his consort Uma on above the mountain range around 15000 years ago. The cosmic dance was either of Tandava or Nadanta formed, the Nataraja. When 2 sages Patanjali and Vyaghrapada performed some virtues and Shiva had shown them his dance here too.

The Foothill of this mountains are still preserving the pristine look. The peace is in each and every nook. After spending 4 days in this place I would love to say the forbidden peace is here. The embrace of nature will always be available here. Feel it, cherish it...

The place is Velliangiri Mountains:  aka "Sapthagiri" - 7 mountains situated in Nilgiri Biosphere reserve of Western Ghats.a

Shiva is worshipped as here Swayambhu, signifies the source of creator. For 👣  👣 the pilgrimage Kailsh yatra is not possible sometimes so, this place plays a significant role for them as legend the origin of Velliangiri was from Kailash mountain. The god Vayu and Adiseshan had a challenge to find out superiority between them. When Adiseshan encircled the Kailash mountain and Vayu tried to remove this encircle by creating "santamarutham" - Twister. Due to the twist Kailsh mountain was divided in 8 parts,  Thirugonamalai, Thirukalahasti, Thiruchiramalai, Thiruenkoimalai, Velliangiri Mountains, Neerthagiri, Ratnagiri and Swethagiri. 

This place is revered as the most powerful and spiritual part of Mount Kailsh which is the legendary abode of Lord Shiva.

This mountain range is actually the border of Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu and Palakkad district of Kerala. The mountain is elevated from 520 m – 1840 m from the sea level.

There are some seasonal rivers such as the Noyal, Neelivaikal, Mayar or Andisunai traverse through this hilly landscape. A major tributaries of the river Cauvery is Noyyal which originates from the Velliangiri mountain and irrigates the agricultural land. The main source of drinking water, Siruvani dam is watershed by the Velliangiri hills.

There is a Shiva temple in Velliangiri Mountains where women from 10- 50 are not allowed to enter. This is around 49 km far from Cominatore Airort and 20 km far from Dhyanalingam, Isha Yoga centre.

How to reach: Coimbatore is well connected by Flight, Train and Bus from all big cities. after get down at Airport, Rail station get local bus or Uber-Ola to reach Velliangiri.

Where to stay: Though the number of hotels or guest houses are less in Velliangiri, but can stay in Coimbatore city. Coimbatore city is 35 km far from Velliangiri.


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