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Australia's native Birds

All the continents having their native plants and animals, flora and fauna respectively the biological terms.  Though Kangaroo, Koala, Black Swan, Cape Barren goose are the strictly native to Australia but other than those I found some of the birds and animals who are exclusively native to this southern hemisphere continent. Emu : Large flightless bird native to Australia. Due to the small size of head compare to the body size both the Emu and Ostrich having lesser brain development. They are so good in running.  Ostrich are native to Africa, though both looks alike but Ostrich is bigger in size than Emu and it has 3 toed foot but Emu having 2 toed foot.   Superb fairywren is a common passerine bird of Australian wren community. The prominent sexual dimorphism is visible during the breeding season while the male one showing a bright blue plumage at forehead. This species of wren are common in south eastern part of Australia. No doubt they are superb dancers.  Male Superb fairywren Fe

Street Art of Melbourne

If any lane or street designed and coloured then we no need to remember the street name, easily we can identify with the graffiti of that street. In proper Melbourne city there are some lanes where to find an inch of blank space is so difficult. When you entering those streets the colours with it's hues will engulf you. A picture is a definition of any place's lifestyle, night life, history, culture and the regular events. Street art of Melbourne is vigorously describing about the city. Melbourne is the city of Art, each of the corners are coloured and painted, even the trains, bridges, factory's wall, drains, dustbins, cafe-bar window-door, the road pillar, market, buildings even the stones and pebbles are all touched by the art form. No space of the streets and lanes are untouched with the hues of colours. Other than this street art route if you are travelling via train you can see the wall arts anywhere. Mostly all the rail stations area having different styles of street