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Gravity hills not the magnetic hills

Anything beyond our logical mind termed as 'magic' and the master of all the magical creations is 'the nature'. From our scientific view points though we have put some descriptions or reasons with a qualified name. But is it enough to understand those phenomenon? It's difficult so for that there are chance to arise lots of views. There are some Magnetic hill or Gravity hill or few of us called as Magic hill in this world. According to the name it is believed that those hills pull the metals towards and the best experience we have did so far using our vehicle in front of the hills. Keep your vehicle in neutral form and you can see the car is pulling towards the hill automatically. So, few theories have been raised by the people:  It's completely due to the optical illusion where a  slight downward slope appears to be an incline slope due to the layout of the surrounding land. Here the  gravitational force of earth is the creator which is an 8th standard course.