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I have travelled alone since my childhood, but in the last 3 years my travels become expressive to me. Sharing some moments which I felt during roaming around the cities, villages, some abandoned place, some interesting features.. And I will keep adding my expeditions. 

No routine, no syllabi

just explore your time. Traveling alone gives you an immense freedom to explore around. There will no fixed plan for you. You can watch the stream water from the river's bank without any call. There is no syllabus to complete. Just spend the times based on your mood. Wake up at morning 4 o'clock, take a cycle and start roaming around the nearby village. No one to stop you or ask you 'where are you' and fortunately if you are within no-network zone obviously you will not get any ring on your cell phone.
You will be tenacious for doing activities

while you are on travel as, a group of activities will tempt you. Capturing moments, of different frames from different angles will make you cherish. The shape-colour-decoration of house, the sign and symbol beside the road definitely draw your attention. The flavour-smell of mouth watering street food, unknown flowers, birds chirping, some curious eyes with some questions, a sudden ring of a cycle, a huge number of items are waiting for you so, put some time for them.

Travel makes you a good problem solver:

not sure how much we can correlate to this skill while we are on the move. But yes, there is a touch of the problem solving skill and you will realise that based on requirement. Especially when you are roaming far from your home, you have to deal with your problem and with the help of your understandings it may give you both positive or negative results but you will gain the skill.

It'll gives you more comfort within you:

Imagine at the bright sunny day in a hilly jungle where a milky white water body is showering and you are set on a carpet of healthy green grass. Just a question, do you need anything else to feel yourself? Yes, you have made a  comfort which is the consequences of your journey. No one is here to stop you whatever you wana think, wherever you want to move, to pursue. Just enjoy your setting as long as you can.

There will be huge collection of stories

in you tab. Whenever I used go try to stay with local people. Sometimes got refusal, but mostly they welcome me into their home. I felt each time an overwhelmed. They keep sharing lots of stories of some are too funny and some of those are heart breaking, specially when I visited villages. The stories are collected in details @My Interest tab. Another thing, I found my myself more passionate about animals mostly the threaten. Become more close to them and can rescue them from the worst.

Definitely you'll get a bite of travel bug

when you have started to explore your freedom and learning from the universe. A group of travellers does discussion within themselves what's happening over and any passed by the incident. Here, you are alone so you are getting surrounded information and happenings. It turns into a hobby from a holiday vacation. Suddenly to be a full time traveler is not, but due the bite of travel bug you will keep searching for the time and space to roam around. I used to move anywhere-anytime without prior plan and its amazing to get involved with the surroundings.

How much tiny you are to Mother Nature

On the way to Ladhak from Manali, there is a place Marhi, in Himachal Pradesh . I took a snap standing on top of a medium sized stone at a U-turn of hilly curve. And I was 3 cm in height. Not only our height even our age also tiny to this nature as we came only to spend our vacation for a few years in this world.

Experience the tranquility of solo sunset

After a hectic week you drop yourself in a place where the hues of red started playing in front of your lens. Just see how is that sun and experience the tranquility of those periods from wherever you are. You will get company off ‘going back nest’ birds and some tiny insect.

you can build up a healthy network among people

So you are alone in a village and you can’t speak-understand their native language and luckily google translator said goodbye at last night. Believe me from that time you will have some known people in your entire life. May be you will not meet them but through your gestures you will connect to them and vice versa. What does it call? Its a memory or lifetime achievement tribute to you and those people from beloved times.

It'll teach you how to control your bladder pressure

Ahh..... Relax your muscles and that's it. Whatever the situation sitting, standing, lying just relax and bladder will expand and you can withstand the pressure for max time.

The world is not scary

as it looks or represented to us. You have started your journey alone to see the nature, to feel the vibe, to click the moments and to be a memory collector. After a couple of days you can see ‘you are not alone’. Instinct keeps telling you what or where to avoid, how to be safe and you will be blessed by peoples or getting help from some tames. After being solo in a group of different cultural people can identify the imposters, not easily with some experiences. 


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Once upon a time huge number of retort-shaped Babui’s nests were hanged from the coconut trees of my home. The small sparrow type gregarious bird commonly known as Baya Weaver but in Bengali we called them as “ Babui pakhi " . These birds are famous for the elaborately woven nests   hanging from tree's twig. The colour of  both male and female  birds is grey but during their breeding season the male becomes yellow in colour with a crown.  I spent some time in my childhood to explore the type and stage of the nest, the weaving process of the nest by the birds and now I realise those moments  were really worthy .  It was really an excellent experience to exploring the phase of the nest. Even I used to collect the abandoned, broken or old nest when those were dropped off to the ground.  The awesome nests mostly can be found in villages not in the cities, specially in India. Nowadays it's rare to see them due to lot of man made changes... recently I went to Bag