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Aboriginal Art: Story Behind the Dot

First time I noticed this wonderful Dot Art at Melbourne museum and from the description get to know that this Dot Art is world famousAboriginal Art of Australia which is now internationally recognised. Then at the Victoria market got the full scope to explore the Dots of the art. The Aboriginal Art  painted in acrylic are a beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary form and the dot technique gives the painting an 3D effect and a sense of movement and rhythm too. My collections Photos from Victoria Market:  There are many shops in the market where selling several Art forms at a reasonable price and … more importantly to me a great chance to know the story behind the Dots. After taking with a shop owner he started to telling me whatever he knows about the Dot art and the artist of this artwork. This art is a team work because minimum 2 persons are needed to do the art. One will draw other person will do the Dots, finally the story of Art will emerge. So, bigger and depth story nee