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The evergreen forest: Mahabaleswar

If you want to see the magic  of   Green with its  multiple hues  definitely you are in right place. An evergreen forest on a hill station of Sahyadri range of Western Ghats mountain in Satara district of Indian state Maharashtra .  It is a popular and frequent visiting destination which is 120 km  off from Pune, 285 km off from Mumbai and the National Highway 48 connects it. The approximate elevation from the sea level is  4,439 ft.  Mahabaleswar, a  tremendous  crowded city in all weekends over the year.  I am not sure how many shades of green are there. This small hill station is surrounded by full form of nature, covered with the lush green rug, hillocks,  plateaus, the beautiful sky with different shape and colour  of clouds, lakes, water streams,  the perennial springs, waterfalls,   rivers everything .. what else are required to feel the nature. You will be really close to living world. A world famous destination for travellers and tourists. Whe

A Biodiversity Hotspot of India: Western Ghats

Due to the different types of human activities such as Development, urbanization, pollution a huge number of animals threatened by their habitat loss. The species (including human) are the building blocks of life-support systems for this planet. However, our planet faces a major crisis of the species proportion in terms of Ecology. As a result, throughout the planet many species are going extinct at fastest rate since the mass extinction of the dinosaurs. The term biodiversity means, to the variety and variability of animals and plants in this planet. The land biodiversity is usually greater near the equator due to the high productivity. Now the concept of biodiversity hotspot is a particular geographic region, which plays a significant role as biologically rich and deeply threatened with human destruction. This is a serious concern we must protect these places where biodiversity lives. A British environmentalist  specialising  in biodiversity,    Norman Myers