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Moments with Maya and wildlife at Tadoba National Park

Maya  is a tourist-friendly and worldwide popular tigress of  Tadoba National Park .  Her zone is defined in Moharli core zone . She greets to all the visitors whoever had been there during summer. She was born in 2010 and delivered her third litter in last November. There are lots of emotions are attached on Maya's struggling story to survive. She lost her mother at the early age less than 2 years and 2 consecutive litters. Her mother was tigress Leela  who died of snake bite. In big cat family tigress keep caring their cubs till three to three and half years old. Maya with her cub. Photo courtesy: Internet The above photo is now a postal stamp released on 29th July 2016 on the occasion of World Tiger's day . Here the tigress Maya getting an adorable hug from her cub and this photo was taken by Amol Bais . He is a wildlife photographer and headmaster of a school at Durgapur on the periphery of Tadoba Andhari National Park . He took this picture on 1st J