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The Switzerland of Mexico: Mazamitla

A tranquil, picturesque city surrounded by pine forest and Chapala lake in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. Mazamitla, is a tiny municipality and situated 124 km off from Guadalajara. When I was in Guadalajara visited that city in a weekend.  A brief history about the city.   The name 'Mazamitla' derives from the Nahualt language. This language is native to Central Mexico  since at least the 7th century CE. The word  Mazamitla is a combination of   "Mazatl" means deer, "Mitl" means arrow and "tlan" means place and name Mazamitla signifies the history of the culture. Some of views are there to interpret the culture such as it is place "Where deer are hunted with arrows" or "Where deer hunting arrows are made". The city is relatively unknown internationally and due to its scenic beauty, natural fabulous view it earned the name Switzerland of Mexico. You can enjoy the whole day in the city by walking, having coffee in the

Caipirinha: the signature cocktail of Cachaça

Caipirinha  (pronounced as 'kai-purr-reen-yah') is a popular tropical cocktail product of  Cachaça  (pronounced as 'Ka-shasa').  Cachaça  is an alcoholic drink prepared by the distillation of fruits juice so it is known as distilled spirit. Cachaça  is the fermented product of the sugarcane juice and  Brazil is the great source of sugarcane so there are several alcoholic beverages are produced from the sugarcane along with   Cachaça such as Pinga, Marvada etc..  I went to a  cuban club called Ray Castro , in  Vila Olímpia, São Paulo, Brazil and there I had the drink  Caipirinha and Bossa  Manhattan . I liked  Caipirinha than the other drink. As we know for every distilled spirit there are some signature cocktail, like margarita from  Tequila , mojito from Rum and  martini using Gin and many more like that  Cachaça  has the  Caipirinha . If you are in Brazil and do not have any cocktail of  Cachaça  and haven't seen any live football match in Braz

Wine Capital of India: Nashik

In northern side of Maharastra, on the bank of Godavari there is an ancient city. The city signifies the value of history, mythology and culture. Nashik , the Wine Capital of India which is 210 km off from Pune.  Wine barrels Three whole days are enough to see the city. The city is well known because the major winery and vineyards of India are present here. The largest vineyard Sula and some other such as Soma, York winery all are located in Nashik outskirt. The grapes are harvested, fermented, preparing, production and packing  of red, white, rose and sparkling  wines all are done in these vineyards.  Grape harvest field After reaching from Pune or Mumbai by road or by train get auto-Uber and can visit the Sula-Soma, vineyards (mentioned details about journey in below). Try to go during the harvesting season of grapes so that you can have the smell ripe grapes. A whole a day is required to visit and see the wine formation in the vineyards. The green and black

Baya Weaver's Nest

Once upon a time huge number of retort-shaped Babui’s nests were hanged from the coconut trees of my home. The small sparrow type gregarious bird commonly known as Baya Weaver but in Bengali we called them as “ Babui pakhi " . These birds are famous for the elaborately woven nests   hanging from tree's twig. The colour of  both male and female  birds is grey but during their breeding season the male becomes yellow in colour with a crown.  I spent some time in my childhood to explore the type and stage of the nest, the weaving process of the nest by the birds and now I realise those moments  were really worthy .  It was really an excellent experience to exploring the phase of the nest. Even I used to collect the abandoned, broken or old nest when those were dropped off to the ground.  The awesome nests mostly can be found in villages not in the cities, specially in India. Nowadays it's rare to see them due to lot of man made changes... recently I went to Bag

Velliangiri Mountain: a part of Kailash

The legend of this place is that : Lord Shiva performed his cosmic ecstatic dance on request of his consort Uma on above the mountain range around 15000 years ago. The cosmic dance was either of Tandava or Nadanta formed, the Nataraja. When 2 sages Patanjali and Vyaghrapada performed some virtues and Shiva had shown them his dance here too. The Foothill of this mountains are still preserving the pristine look. The peace is in each and every nook. After spending 4 days in this place I would love to say the forbidden peace is here. The embrace of nature will always be available here. Feel it, cherish it... The place is Velliangiri Mountains:  aka "Sapthagiri" - 7 mountains situated in Nilgiri Biosphere reserve of Western Ghats.a Shiva is worshipped as here Swayambhu, signifies the source of creator. For 👣  👣 the pilgrimage Kailsh yatra is not possible sometimes so, this place plays a significant role for them as legend the origin of Velliangiri was from Ka

Rompope: an eggnog drink of Mexico

There is city called Tlaquepaque, in Mexican state Jalisco. One of the happening city in Mexico I had been visited so far. I went there so many times, specially in weekends. Near the downtown of the city you will get some alcohol & beverage shops where mainly the Mexican drinks are available.   The famous tequila of different colours,  tequila con vibora, mezcal, scorpion tequila, mezcal with worms, some local brand of whisky and many more. Nuestros dulces is that kind of shop in Tlaquepaque, where several varieties of Mexican alcohol used to sale. The bottles of those alcoholic drinks mainly tequila are too decorative and innovative.  One day, suddenly I noticed a long queue in front of a particular counter inside the shop. I got curiosity so,  step in the queue and when I reached to the counter I got a small quantity of off-white coloured drink to have taste.  Its was really an awesome drink, called  Rompope . Then I bought a bottle of that drin