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Re-plug to the Nature

During this ongoing crisis period we are at home, the situation is called as 'lockdown'. No travel, no work, no party, no movie, no marriage, no social gatherings at all and because it's time to combat with the virus COVID-19 and disease SARS. The more advance life we are leading, more we are detached from the nature. Nowadays, we are worried about this Novel CoronaVirus but in future there might emerged more viral diseases.

The virus is a microscopic infectious agents which replicate only inside the living cells of any kind of organism alike plants, animals, insects and even humans. When viruses are not inside any infected body they exist in a form of independent particles which are known as virions. The virions are composed of either DNA or RNA in the core, protein coating the outermost lipid envelope.

Throughout our life span we will be infected by a huge number of viruses and our body is a container or 'host' of those viruses. There are almost 5000 virus species and they can spread in many ways such as Influenza and COVID-19 viruses are spread by coughing and sneezing, mucous droplets, Notavirus and Norovirus are transmitted by faecal-oral route, passed by contact or via food and water, HIV can be transmitted to exposure of infected blood and sexual contact.

Now, to combat with virus we need the immune system, which is being provoked by the viral infection. Immunity is the ability of any organism to resist the infection from a foreign material called Antigen by the actions of specific Antibodies which are actually the White Blood Cells (WBC). Though it's a good thing that Immunity power can also be produced artificially by vaccination and there are several antiviral drugs also available.

The immunity responses are varied in different organisms, it's very tricky to understand that one person might not get harmed by a particular virus but there is a high chance that another person might  be highly affected by the same viral infection. So, basically we need to reestablish the connection with nature which is almost going to die. This article is not only about the COVID-19 virus and immunity boost better to say it is way to be more close to the nature and be more natural.

Here some points I would like to mention which can helped us to connect again with our source:

1. Boost the Immunity Power:

This is a completely inner power, there is no connection to muscle or masculine. I have seen many guys with an abdominal muscles(abs) , bifurcated biceps and trifurcated triceps but they couldn't withstand the high altitude air pressure. So, basically they are good to go for our social structure but they are actually weak. These types of bodies are not healthy at all. Immunity power is evolved during childhood and throughout our life span being close to nature. You can also develop immunity without any artificial food or drugs scubas antibiotics. The process is lenghty some how will take at-least one year but the result is long lasting.

We have four major seasons starting from Summer, Monsoon, Winter and Spring. Get your body to explore and gather the experience of all these four natural variations.
  • Get the sunlight if possible tropical one, I mean roast yourself properly to synthesise the vitamin-D. Yep you will be tanned, your skin tone will be pale but that is the kiss of Sun. Only for one year after and that year your followers' number will be decreased, but you will be strong, you can combat any kind disease which is more essential to live because if you don't live how can you increase your followers?

  • Soaked yourself in the rainwater. Definitely coughing, sneezing, headache will attack and as a result high body temperature which is called as fever. But don't worry it is the internal process to increase the immunity power.

  • Feel the  nature's cold, visit any hill station, breath the the cool-breeze of winter. Feel the whitish fog, touch the dew. Agin there is high chance to get cough and high fever. That is also increase your immunity power.

  • At-last you came to the end of the cycle, it is spring time, enjoy the blossoms, flowers, colour, nippy, cobalt blue sky(if you are lucky) and full moon. It is time of testimony of your acquired immunity power and enjoy freely some of the years.

2. Live a simple life:

Our lifestyle is completely proportional to our earnings, but unnecessary cloths, more than required electronics gadgets, more junk food, expensive personal car, all these are not required after certain points. If I have own house,  surrounded my family members, having delicious food everyday, enough amount of savings, aren't these good for leading a healthy life? I am quite sure that if we looking into our wardrobe definitely will get some unused old cloths, as usual some pair shoes, hand bags, jewelleries, accessories and many more things which we 'just' buy and never liked those. So, these are actually piled up of demand, misuse of money and it become a chain of completely wastage.  So, whatever I have these are enough and I will buy only if it is required.

3. Green Travel:

As being a traveller when I used to travel one question always shake me that how many of us love to travel? Our first aim should be to know a new place, got introduced with some new cultures, making couple of friends, some contributions towards the social framework. But in spite of several scopes we usually tends to focus on our gestures, buying and throwing random water bottles, leaving the used plastics  any where. Have we checked ever that if I am travelling once in a month for 4 days, so to consume water I need at least 5 plastic water bottles per day, having chips, biscuits, chocolate during the journey and throwing those at any place. Those stuffs will flew from here to there and will be hanged from a brach of a tree. The penultimate destination of those garbages will be the ocean frying and post monsoon. So, to stop polluting we can carry a water bottle and refill that accordingly and carry some home made foods. And if we found some person is throwing some plastics from the window of a bus or train please ask them to refrain.

4. Terrace Garden or Kitchen Garden:

The greens are always help to feel better and its a good idea to create and maintain a small garden of some of fruits and vegetables plants at the space of  kitchen and terrace. It feels good when see the growth of a plants, definitely will enjoy the flowering seasons, the smell of the colouring flower and it's a big achievement to have the ripe fruits and cooking a delicious veg-dish.

5. Say No to Plastic:

Please stop using any products of plastics, our generation may not to see the perish of civilisation but next generation will suffer immensely due to the massive usage of the polymer. Use metal, earthen or glass container to save the world. A small contribution from our side. After monsoon these plastic garbages dump to the large river and directly goes to the sea.

Some tips to discard the plastic products:
  • Start it from your home, replace the plastic water bottles to metal or glass bottle/container.
  • Don't use plastic carry bags, not even the below 20 micron. If you are buying something from store take the loose one and packed those in paper packets.

I know it is difficult to get rid of this 'plastic habit',  but it's required at any cost.

6. Healthy food:

Consume healthy food which is also called 'home made' food though its not that much of 'yummy' look and don't have cosmetic taste but it will give you more energy, disease free life, less medicines. Whatever the food we are consuming throughout our lifespan the composition of that are protein, carbohydrate and fats. Now, the molecular composition of protein, carbohydrate and fats are carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen (only in protein). So, we need an exact proportion of the above mentioned molecule along with the essential supplementary ions such as potassium, calcium, sodium, iron, amino acids and others. More food never gives you a good health, rather than it leads to lethal or brings some ailments which may cause to serious problem to your health.

7. Save the natural resource:

Don't mind most of us have a bad habit to use electricity, water that's called misuse. Try to avoid that habit, because we have to pay 'money' for everything in our life. Nothing is free to live in this world. Whatever you will save it will be firstly your and then for the mankind. Some habits to minimise the electricity consumption are,
  • One day wash, switch off the lights if you are not there, turn off the tap water to stop the flow, whenever you are. 
  • May be you are in a building such as hospital, school, college or any government house where mostly all the lights keep on during the day time. Please take an initiative and switch off those.
  • Water taps are mostly open and water are flowing-and-flowing in public toilets, hand wash areas, please close that. Sometimes you may heard some bullshit or stupid sentences due to this type work, kindly ignore those. Believe me those words will not harm you. 

8. Compassionate for animals:

It is difficult for most of us, because we the human loved to believe that we are superior and we have only rights to live. Please we all are emerged from the process called evolution which take millions of million years. Try to feed, be comfortable, arrange food-and-water, spread love and awareness for the animal kingdoms. As human is the product of nature the other living entities are also product of nature. Because of the several languages you are not the boss, which all ready is proved. Don't be a devil, monster or any kind of harmful elements for 'a life'.

9. Avoid expensive cosmetics and makeup products:

ahhhh... that's a big deal irrespective of any gender. You are beautiful, even better to say we are beautiful. Does the colour actually leading our lifestyle? From the ancient time the so-called 'society' differentiated us based on the skin tone, blonde and brunette, and many more differentiating features. And the result is we are blindly following and rushing to get 'more fair skin', to look awesome to attract our opposite gender, to hear 'you are beautiful', to live fairy tale life. Frankly speaking these all are just a myth, a white-lie. to be 'beautiful' we are just killing the nature and this killing process has been started since long ago and will continue. Nothing will matter to us because we love to see beautiful, want to be beautiful but we don't know the definition of beautiful. We just chasing to get fair-and-smooth skin, black-and brown hair, colouring lips, long eye lashes, smooth-long hair, golden eye shades, bright nails and more..and more..and more... the list will never get any full stop.

But to be artificially beautiful we are going far from the nature. We are killing some innocent animals to fulfil our dream to be beautiful. We are some lethal chemicals and testing again over some animals. Basically we are the passive killers to be 'beautiful'. Is it so difficult to stop using the expensive cosmetics and makeup products? What will happened some people will not called us beautiful, is that matter to live a life?


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