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9 Must-Visit Places During COVID-19 Lockdown

Yay... one month is over of the lockdown and we are already in the Phase-II which has been started from 15th April. Frankly speaking when the Phase-I of lockdown was declared on 24th of March some of us was thinking okay that's great, its a good opportunity to stay home to complete some pending works, while some of us gone through 'what the shit can be done at home?'. But, at the end of Phase-I of lockdown most of us had faced the anxiety, distress, worry rather than 'a fear' to lost someone or death. What actually happened during the initial period of Phase-I lockdown we have seen, administrations forcefully tried to maintain the crowd somewhere and in the main cities a huge number of people from other states were stuck and tried hardcore to return their home town/village.

It's a peak time to feel the phrase ''survival for the fittest", most of the people in this country struggling to get food and shelter whereas some of us are just thinking what can be done stying at home for an uncertain period.

As a traveller I am also in trouble during the Phase-II of lockdown because I can't go outside and its been a long time since I am in a same place. So, basically doing a virtual tour of indoor places. Just check out the below pictures, hope you will enjoy it.

1. Mehrangarh's Darbar

The ivory coloured Moti-Mahal is inside the fort and adjacent to the Janana Mahal. The name Moti-Mahal comes due to its ivory colour because the walls were painted with the dust of crushed crustacean shell. The Darbar was used during time of diplomatic discussions with exclusive guests.

If you are living in a heritage building use your Darbar for painting, playing instruments, dancing and exercising purposes.

2. Goa's Aww-some Balcony and Mandvi's heritage Verandah:

Nowadays the Balcony or Verandah area of our building play an important role, obviously. Practically any kind of sky viewing area helps us to be refreshed. The Balcony, Veranda or Porch are quite different to each other. Basically Veranda is an open-air gallery with a roof attached to the outside of a building whereas Balcony is an outdoor extension of a building's upper floor enclosed by a short railings or balustrade.

Mazamitla, Mexico

So my point is please regularly go to your Balcony and keep watching the blue sky, colourful lights, birds, green leaves and the empty roads-lanes.

Atal Bridge, Panjim, Goa

In a heritage palace the latticed and trellised balconies can be seen where the elaborate stone work still now preserves the antique. The lattices were unique to each palace which are the favourite glimpse to click for the architecture photographer. The tiny symmetrical gaps gives a remarkable view to the outside.

Vijay Vilas Palace, Mandvi, Gujarat

3. Vagamon's huge Hall & Indore's Living Room:

To spend me-time and us-time with the beloved family members a large single airy Living Room cheerfully furnished with some musical instruments, lively furniture, some flowers and illuminated by two broad windows is always in the first choice. Living room, Dining room and Hall are such a parts of home where the ornamentations with a good collections of paintings, racks, colourful curtains, experiments of lights, door decorations all can be done.

Zostel, Vagamon, Kerala

For me when the Living room is facing the east side always good to start a day with mediation. As a craft creator I would like to paint and craft in my living room so it looks cool and ornamented. Keep a cozy mattress and some colourful cushions to relax and breath and play with your imaginations and emotions all the time you can manage from your hasty schedules.

Sturmfrei Hostel, Gokarna

In most of the Indian Palaces the idea behind the elaborate carvings, designer chandeliers, the wall decorations were imported from the European style, sometime some French artists used to came in India for their work.

Lal bagh Palace, Indore

4. Alleppey's sea facing Dining Space & Sao Paulo's 5 star Dining Room:

When you a find out a cafe at the brink of Arabian Sea and a dhow is ready to sail once you done. This incredible view is called nature's gift and obviously it will take a long time to complete the food.

Cafe Catamaran, Alleppey, Kerala

Nowadays we people are virtually connected to each other, having lunch or dinner together with all the family members might be a dream project. But as I have spent my childhood in a joint family so I could remember those happening moments to share same dish, same chair due to lack of sufficient chairs, the small chit-chat, some times a serious discussion, all of us laugh, emotions, some promises are still get echoing in that Royal sized Dining Table, old fashioned chairs and the chandelier.

Banquet Hall, Lal Bagh, Indore, MP

I spent consecutive three months in some five star hotels at Sao Paulo. Earlier it took some time to cope up with the exclusive system but finally I grabbed it and had enjoyed the fine dine of those hotels' restaurant. Some of the restaurants were place on the top of the building from where a bird's-eye view  of the city can be seen whereas some restaurants was in the ground floor just beside the road.

Gran Estanplaza, Sao Paulo

5. Jaisalmer's Golden Terrace:

Being a witness of the emerging magical brick colours during the raising sun can be denoted as a lucky day as that moment stays only for 30 mins. The prominent view skyline over the buildings helps to heal the inner wounds.

Zostel, Jaisalmer Fort, Rajasthan

A comfort divan and couch with a cup of coffee and mouth watering snacks is a big dream to me as its not easy to catch the early morning and afternoon always when we have office work.

6. Bhuj's cozy Bedroom:

A cozy Bedroom is the place of pleasant, comfort and dream. A well fitted mattress covered by so soft floral or block printed bed-sheet, cushions, pillows, comforter and well decorated ceiling and side walls. What else are required to have deep sleep at night and some time a power nap at mid of the day. Watch series on Netflix or Amazon Prime, read books & articles, spend time on social media a bed always ready to serve you a comfort zone.

7. Kolkata's neat-tiled Kitchen:

To do an experiment & invention of yummy dishes this the best place.   A tiny or open kitchen with full of beautiful crockery and culinary and smell of spices is enough to start  a happy day with full charge.

That's my kitchen, Kolkata

Start your days with a cup of tea or coffee, have native breakfast followed by some exotic Tacos-Cocktail combination during lunch is worthy for live a healthy life.

Try out some home made kulfi, dry fruits laddu, Mung-ka-halwa which are ready to eat and watching series as an evening snacks.

8. Nagar Haveli's handsome Washroom:

That the place only for you whenever you have occupied until there is no knock. A good quality of mirror, candle, book, bath tub and the  some other exclusive essentials offering you a wet-n-warm welcome. Wash your hand, take care of your skin and hair properly during this lockdown period.

Parsi Dairy Farm, Dadra-n-Nagar Haveli

9. Portuguese colony styled Stair Cases:

There are some places in India where the Portuguese colonies are lived and people are happily living. The marvellous creatures of those colonies are the vibrant stair cases covered by the tree's canopy. a few hour will just passed sitting, viewing and reading some articles on that steps.

Fontainhas, Panjim, Goa

The tradition can be seen in inside staircases of house too. In Diu most of the colonial houses are 2 storied and they keep decorating and colouring the staircases which is key factor of attraction for the foreign travellers.

at Diu, Union territory India

So, to combat with the submicroscopic enemy we have to stay and enjoy our home. To be safe and keep safe please stay at home. 


  1. Nice places and details shared in organized way... I have added few to my bhatkanti bucketlist

  2. Awesome article.Beautifully depicted,it creates a feel in this lockdown period like I am traveling those places and getting an inner peace!
    Good job. Keep it up.

  3. I really appreciate your hard work. Is it you to whom I know. Omg you have excelled a lot. Thanks keep writing.

  4. Your article is nice with lots of information...


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