The most popular, vibrant and colourful festive of India: Durga Puja

Nothing can be compared with the Durga Puja of Kolkata, the capital of Indian state West Bengal. To me it's the time visit home for a long... holiday. Durga Puja is the festival of Bengali community with the celebration of friendship, love, adda, pandal hoping, fashion, food and many more for 6 - 7 days-nights.

In short we used to call Durga Puja as 'Puja or Puja'. The preparation for Puja is started before 3-4 months. During the Navaratri in calendar this is going to happen in every year. This is a festive of new-cloths, new-shoes, new-jewellery, new-car, new-home ... where a newly touch is in every thing.

Its an annual festive to revere the goddess Durga with bright colours, the lightenings, affection, vibrant, good vibes.... all positivities. Day from the Mahalaya the Puja is started. An arial view of  illumination of light can be seen. 

The city is flooded with some excellent themes of Pandal and idol decoration. The celebration of joy-colour-light for this festive is no doubt vigorous to us. Only the happiness, good food, day-night pandal hopping, a smell of new cloths, the addas', fashion, love-friendship are in routine for these days. 

Actually its never ending to say and write about Puja. So, I am just giving the glimpse of some really awesome decoration of Pandals and idols. 

In other states of India Durga Puja is also celebrating but the 'wow' factor is missing where as in Kolkata the festive took a place in our heart. Here all are in holiday mood, age is not a restriction here. 

Each and every clubs and mostly all the apartments of neighbourhood are actively participated in this festive. 

A Durga idol of a club in South Kolkata, the photo has been taken in 2018.

A pandal is decorated with bamboo and cow dung.

The decoration is of Dokra, a brass material. 

The three photos are representing the Indian state Rajasthan in a club of South Kolkata during the Durga Puja.

The work of jute sticks and jute thread with the used of lightenings and colours to give a speechless beauty of the culture.

The elaborate work of jute thread to create the Durga idol.

All the photos of pandal and idol had been taken in 2018, @Kolkata.


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