The heritage home: Doddamane

The ‘Doddamane’ (Big House), the 130 years old heritage building is one of the best place for accommodation in Agumbe. Two episodes of Malgudi days were shot here as well. 

The house is currently run by Kasturi Akka, and for me, it was an awesome experience to spend an entire day there at Agumbe with all its traditional rituals and cuisine. 

You can stay here and have experience some typical village themes which are quite rare and old in fashion. There is a power cut for 6 hours daily, for first 15 days from morning 6 am - 12 pm and for remaining days it continues from12 pm - 6 pm.

The place is very close to the Agumbe bus stand. I went to Doddamane, aka Grany’s home, without a booking as I did not have a prior plan of staying, however I luckily got a room to spend that day.

Hut shape structure where the huge size of bathroom and wash room are not attached with bed room. A natural geyser is there in washroom where using wooden fuel the water is getting heated. 

Throughout building you will get the tradition and flavour of past. A zero pattern of house with total 12 bed rooms. Each room size is alike nowadays dormitory. 4 huge verandas surrounding the house from inside.
Kasturi aka, is a lovely, charming and awesome person who can speaks English, Hindi, Marathi and Kannada language. She staying with her daughter, son in law, brother in law and sister in law in that house. She is staying in the since last 40 years after her marriage. 

After couple a while I had my dinner and lunch in banana leaf. The menu was traditional veg Kannad food in both dinner and lunch. Kasturi aka used to buy banana leaf from farmers as it’s healthy to have food and of course they can earn something. 

In your staying you will will enjoy the yummy Ayurveda soup made by Kasturi aka which called as Kashayan in Karnataka, for recipe try this link:

I hope whoever visits Agumbe hopefully has time to visit this place, spend a night or two, since as far as I realized, Agumbe trip would be quite incomplete without Kasturi akka’s warm welcome.

The tariff of the accommodation is completely in your choice. When I asked Kasturi aka how much should I pay, she mentioned 'the food was in my choice so tariff will be on yours'.


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