Coorg - the world of coffee and black pepper (part II)

... continue to Part-I, Coorg is one of my favourite place. The source of unlimited coffee, chocolate and home made wine. The jungle, and it's smell, the road, coffee plants, shal, teak and the steam of black pepper spirally wrapped these giant tree throw me in a heaven. You can visit any time Coorg. To get out from rusty-busty life style and feel the tranquil of nature from nature's lap Coorg is there for you. Not far from Bangalore/Mysore/Mangalore. This time I went there from from Kolkata and in 2012 I visited this nature's heaven from Bangalore and from that time fall in love with this place. My recommendation for accommodation in Madhu's homestay & Zostel. Madhu and his parents are humble and wonderful. Homemade food and the forest ready to welcome you. get mixed with the nature, and find the 'real you' in this jungle. Every morning wake up early and say Hello to the forest. Visiting place:

  1. Talakaveri Temple 
  2. Triveni Sangam is the confluence of three rivers: Cauvery, Kannike, and Sujyothi 
  3. Kaveri Nisargadhama Forest Park
  4. Coffee plantation
  5. Jungle Trail
  6. Local market
  7. Bylakuppe & Namdroling monastery (closed due to Covid)
  8. Golden Temple  (closed due to Covid)
  9. The nearby jungle and forest.
  10. Coffee plantation and the process of coffee farming 
  11. Get the theoretical lesson from Madhu's father (as they have a large field of Coffee plantation)


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