Chet Singh Ghat | Chet Singh Fort | Abandoned vibrant red Fort of Varanasi | Varanasi's ghat


Chet Singh Fort was built by Chet Singh during his reign since 1770 to 1781 AD. He was a ruler of Varanasi when Varanasi was under Oudh Nawab. After Nawab transfer this region to British Chet Singh fought with East India Co. unfortunately he was defeated and was house arrest in this fort cum palace. But some he could able to escape from this palace and left for Gwalior where he took birth. Nowadays this fort is abandoned, due to lack of maintenance pipal tree and some nocturnal animals are staying there, no way go inside. Only from the static the beauty can be seen. The historic octagonal domes of this fort is portrayed on movies, documenter or even photos where Benares is focused. Though this fort is abandoned but it's vibrant red colour is always radiating and during the sunrise the view is awesome from the boat. My accommodation was in HosteLavie just close to this fort.


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