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The 250th Paryaya at Udupi

A renowned biennial festival of India, actually it used to happen at Udupi, Karnataka. The festival is called as Paryaya, may be it is not that much of familiar. Rather than festival Paryaya should called as a system where a group of eight Swamijis (pontiff or monk) take the responsibility of worship for Lord Krishna and run the administration of temple of that idol which is famous at Udupi as Srikrishna matha/temple.

The decorated chariot to carry the idol for circumcision the Temple periphery

This city is also known as mathura of South India due to it's pilgrimage about lord Krishna. On 18th January of 2020 this festival was occurred here where a huge number of people used to gather to pray and worship. It was the 250th Paryaya and the system began since 1522 CE. The current Prayay Swamiji is Sri Esapriya Tirtha Swamiji, a pontiff under Adamaru matha and till 18th January of 2022 they will be incharge of maintenance. Earlier the Parlay was taking place once in two months.

The Admar Matha which group among 8 are being responsible and admin incharge for the current two years. 

The old temple is wooden carved and followed Dravidian style where the Gopura(gate) is painted in different colour during this festival. In the evening long queue will be in front of the temple. The sacred Madhav Sarovar in just beside the temple where a small square stature are positioned at mid of the pond alike other teerthas (holy lake) at the surroundings of South Indian temples.

Madhav Sarovar where the idol circumcised the pond in a boat 

I was waiting in that long queue to enter into the temple to see the Arati. Because during my last trip on 2019 I had seen the marvellous shining flames of around thousand lighting diyas inside the temple with a dignified incantation during the evening Arati. But this time due to Paryaya it might have a different schedule so the idol was having bathe in the Madhav Sarovar and it was illuminated so nicely that I have to climb some fence to capture & click the moments. A gathering of around 1 lakh of people used to happen during this festival.

The illuminated chariot and crowd to celebrate the festival

The reflection, rituals and the colourful rays of lights really awesome. It was a nice experience to view those ceremonial rituals, such as the idol was moving around the middle positioning small temple within the pond in a small boat with some priests. There are some chariots to carry the idol for circumambulation around the temple and when it was started there was some magic of firecrackers in the sky. Definitely some unique techniques were used to crack the lightings. It was a vivid and awesome moment.

A type of fire cracker lighting in front of the chariot where people gather to be blessed.

A ritual of burins long cloth during the festival.

This is my second time to visit Udupi, a small beach city & pilgrimage site. Both the times I have seen different aspects of the city. Udupi is a mixture of ancient and advanced lifestyles where you can spend some solitude moments at the mind-blowing beaches and if you are a devotee go to the 800 years old matha. But being a traveller I would love to see the nooks from old fashioned temple to the sandy-rocky beaches. There is a mellifluent legend about the matha and the beauty of Udupi city. I have mentioned that in my previous blog, Udupi and Srikrishna Matha.

An awesome eye catching snap of Kapu beach and surroundings

What to do in Udupi?

This place can be visited any time during the year. The list of places you shouldn't miss are here,

1. Srikrishna Matha:

Already mentioned about the temple. Wherever you will stay this temple will be walk by distance as it is central position of the city.

Entrance of Krishna Matha illuminated for this festival

2. Adjacent market: 

The surrounding temple areas are possessed some old architectural double storied buildings, a market where men and women are in their traditional attires, Gajra of my favourite Aboli flowers which brings a flashback of 1990's movie where typical South Indian cultures were portrayed. If you are culture explorer and love to see the different forms of this country definitely will the enjoy the traditional ambience.

A local Rangoli vendor showing his design templates.

During thr evening when the Arati is happened a Bhajan is performed by a group of singers called Bhajan Mandali. Requesting you to spend some time to listen traditional Dhrupad and Kheyal of Indian classical music. If you have good understood about the tunes of Dhrupadi Ragas don't miss It because this is very rare and you no need to pay a single rupee to listen those classical form of music, i.e. Shastriya Sangeet.

3. St. Mary's Island:

Legend said that in 1498 CE the Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Game landed in this island first time and according to his mother's name the island carry the name 'Mary'. A wonderful fully covered molluscs shell's island. A promising cool place to spend a whole day properly. But, you have to travel via vessel from the nearest beach to the island. I went there two times, get the details from my earlier blog - St. Mary's Island

The view if Island from the coming vessel 

4. Kapu Beach:

Sunset, light house, sand, breeze, coffee, photography and your own moments, all are in a same frame at the same time. A bit cliff beach but you know that golden shades of the sky when turns to crimson red and the bright sun will be a red dot, that 30-40 minutes are enough to be charged.  It is said that the ocean never takes anything from you even you have dropped something, alike the breeze of that ocean always gives you may be energy, may be memories, or may be some sort of deeds.

Be more & more compassionate for the animals. PLEASE do not ride on their back.

The order of Paryaya for the eight groups:

  1. Palimaru Matha
  2. Adamaru Matha - current matha for the administration of temple and responsible for the idol.
  3. Krishnapura Matha - for the 2022 this group will be responsible.
  4. Puthige Matha
  5. Shiroor Matha
  6. Sodhe Matha
  7. Kaniyooru Matha
  8. Pejawara Matha


The formation of columnar shaped basalt rock at the sea shore of St. Mary's island.

The light house, light of that day's last sun and a kid playing with the flag.

The beautiful illumination of a resident's home just at an adjacent lane of the temple area.

Tradition Kannad attires for the baby girls at the market area.

A flower vendor in his shop, feeling tired I guess.

A deadly combination

Inside of the St. Mary's Island, a place to spend a good day.

I am posing with the blue attire where the blue sky and blue sea imposed, perfect matched of background

Local vendor to sell the hand craft jewelleries at the market area.

At last a selfie with a priest.

The entrance gate of Udupi city, illumination makes the city more gorgeous.

The Gopura(gate) of the tDravidian style architecture temple.

The inside view of Admar Matha where the ritual of worship for the responsible group taken .

Decoration inside the Paryaya of Admar Matha.

The decoration and creativities are everywhere even the bulls are also participated in the festival.

We the people chilling at the Kapu beach ready to be the witness of festival


For the fish lovers, an authenticate Kannada dish of marine fish, native rice and some large shaped beans curry and spice chutney at the Annanpurna Restaurant.

Don't miss the authenticity of Neer Dosa at the Udupi, though nowadays it  is tough to get the dosa because due to the decrease of sales they only prepared it on Sunday (9 am - 12 pm).

Recommendation: Don't miss the authenticate Neer Dosa, special type of dosa where water i.e. neer is mixed with the dosa batter.

How to Go: Please visit my last blog about Udupi.


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