Aboli Flower

First time I found this flower in Pune and there are properly planted and cultivated in my office campus. During my travel I have seen this flowers in Karnataka and Kerala. The  bright colour easily attract me and I started gather information about this. In common English this flower is called as the firecracker flower. 

This is the state flower of Goa. In Marathi and Konkani this flower is called as aboli and in Tamil, Telegu and Malayalam it is called as kanakambaram

This flower is most common in Malenadu region, which is the richest existence of flora and fauna due to the abundant rainfall. This region is  hardly 100 km in width and mainly spreads the western and eastern steep of the Western Ghat i.e. Sahyadri range. 

The Sahyadri range and Sri Lanka is the epidemic of aboli flower. The plant is propagated by seeds or cuttings. 

The flowers have no perfume but stay fresh for several days on the bush. The colour of flowers range from the common orange to salmon-orange or apricot, coral to red, yellow and even turquoise ( that found only in Sri Lanka) .The flowers are unusually shaped with 3 to 5 asymmetrical petals.

The usage of this plant is as a houseplant and the tiny flowers are often strung together into strands, sometimes along with white jasmine flowers and therefore in great demand for making garlands which are offered to temple deities or used to embellish women's hair.

I have collected the dried seeds of flower and will try to graft in my native.


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